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Agricultural fiber

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Agrofibre: features, application, advantages

Agrofibre is a modern material that is actively used in agriculture to improve growing conditions for plants and increase productivity. Its scope of application is quite large. It is very important to make a purchase from a trusted place in order to count on compliance with basic standards, high quality, safety and other important advantages.

Main functions of agrofibre

These include:

  • Agrofibre provides reliable protection of plants from adverse weather conditions, including, for example, cold, wind, rain and snow. It creates a microclimate around plants, which promotes faster and healthier growth.
  • It serves as a support for plants, preventing them from tipping over under the influence of wind or the weight of the fruit. This is especially important for growing tall crops or plants with thin stems.
  • By protecting plants from contact with soil and other plants, agrofibre helps reduce the risk of diseases and pests. This is especially important in organic farming, where minimizing the use of chemicals is important.
  • By creating optimal conditions for the growth and development of plants, agrofibre helps to increase productivity. It helps plants receive more light, heat and moisture, which ultimately leads to a better and more abundant harvest.
  • Agrofibre is easily laid on beds and plants and does not require special skills or tools for installation. It is also easy to remove after the season is over, making it a convenient and practical material to use.
  • It is made from environmentally friendly materials and completely decomposes in the soil after use, leaving no harmful traces. This makes it an ideal choice for those committed to sustainable agriculture.

Main varieties and differences

There are several main types of such products on the modern market, each of which has its own characteristics. Spandbond, for example, is one of the most common types of agrofibre. Spunbond is made from polymer fibers that are bonded together using heat and pressure. It has good permeability to water and air, which promotes normal plant growth.

Biodegradable breaks down in the soil after use. It is usually made from natural materials such as wood fiber or corn fiber and is a more environmentally friendly option. There is also agrofibre made from cork. It has good water and air permeability, and also promotes longer retention of moisture in the soil. There is a special product for strawberries and more.

There is also a type of agrofiber, which is a film of polymer materials that is laid on the soil to protect plants from weeds, retain moisture and retain soil heat. Thanks to such diversity, it is always possible to find an effective solution, regardless of the needs and complexity of the tasks.

Advantages of high-quality agrofibre

If you order it from a trusted place, you can count on a large number of different advantages:

  • Increased yield.
  • Saving resources.
  • Protection from pests and various diseases.

Overall, quality agrofibre is an important tool for increasing agricultural productivity and efficiency, as well as reducing its environmental impact.

Why should you buy from us?

We offer comfortable conditions for purchasing high-quality products. Among the main reasons to purchase agrofibre from us are:

  • A large assortment in which you can find special fibers for any budget and needs.
  • Preliminary consultations. With the help of a competent manager, you can find exactly the product you need in a specific situation.
  • Guarantee of high quality and fast delivery to different regions of Ukraine.

All this is very important and as convenient as possible.