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About us

Hello! We are the Biotol company, which has been developing agriculture in Ukraine for over 7 years. Thousands of grateful reviews from summer residents, farmers, households and representatives of agricultural holdings are the results of our online store.

The best feedback is when customers come back again and again. And there are reasons for that — the favorable conditions we offer on the market, and also:

1. High-quality products - an ideal combination of the price/quality formula.
2. Own import and all relevant certificates.
3. Fast delivery throughout Ukraine.
4. Consultation and good mood

We follow trends and novelties, we constantly update the assortment so that every buyer can find exactly what he needs.



High-quality products for Dacha. the garden City

Our company offers a variety of products, being a reliable and time-tested supplier. Each client can count on a personal approach, access to a wide range of high-quality products, professional advice and the best prices in the country.

The agricultural market continues to develop and improve thanks to new technologies and innovations. Agricultural producers are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their work and increase yields.

Today, more and more farmers prefer to use biological fertilizers and plant protection products, which are not only effective, but also environmentally safe. Thanks to the development of new biotechnologies such as bacteria, fungi and viruses that fight plant pests and diseases, agricultural producers can reduce the use of chemicals and minimize the negative impact on the environment.

Mesh and Agrofiber play an important role in modern agriculture. They are used to shade and shelter plantings, protect plants from weather conditions, reduce weed growth, and extend the growing season. New production technologies make it possible to create more durable, durable and environmentally friendly materials that increase the efficiency and yield of agricultural crops.

What can you order from us?

For us, the sale of goods for agro is the main type of activity. Accordingly, you can count on a large assortment, in which you can find almost everything important and useful. The main categories of goods include:

  • Shading protective nets of premium quality;
  • Sun protection awnings and screens;
  • Agricultural fiber, agricultural fabric
  • Clips for fastening the shading net.
  • Twine for tying plants, etc.

The main advantages of our products include:

  • High quality raw materials;
  • Correspondence to the declared characteristics, which ensures maximum functionality.
  • Safety and efficacy.
  • Correspondence price-quality.

You can buy them for any taste from us, counting on professional consultations and quick ordering. The price also always corresponds to the quality, and the managers will help to understand all the subtleties in the best way.

Also, pay attention to the free delivery of roll materials. Happy shopping